BMG to Release Much-Anticipated Billy Ray Cyrus Album The SnakeDoctor Circus May 24

While Billy Ray Cyrus shares the No. 1 song on all music streaming platforms worldwide with the remix of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road," Cyrus is equally excited about the release of his long-planned album, The SnakeDoctor Circus. Cyrus and BMG planned to release the concept record on May 24 long before the phenomenon of "Old Town Road." 

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Lil Nas X Enlists Billy Ray Cyrus for ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

Always one to be inspired by originality, Billy Ray Cyrus is lending his distinctive vocal style and clever lyrics to Lil Nas X's already viral sensation, "Old Town Road." In a just-released remix, Cyrus adds 'a throaty verse that emphasizes the triumphant aspects of Lil Nas X’s hit: fancy jewelry, expensive cars and living a stress-free life (Rolling Stone).'

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Billy Ray Cyrus To Release New Album via BMG

Multi-media entertainment icon, Billy Ray Cyrus, will release his new studio album, The SnakeDoctor Circus via BMG. The SnakeDoctor Circus, a concept record, features Cyrus’ longtime collaborator and songwriting mentor, Don Von Tress. It’s a full circle moment for Cyrus because Von Tress wrote the multi-platinum smash “Achy Breaky Heart” on Cyrus' record-breaking debut album Some Gave All.  Cyrus penned "Some Gave All" about a Vietnam veteran in 1989 only to meet Von Tress, whom is also a Vietnam veteran, a few years later. The collaboration between the two songwriting titans more than 25 years ago continues with new music on The SnakeDoctor Circus.

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Billy Ray Cyrus’ Goddess of Democracy Tops One Million

Following a passionate plea to get out the vote, Billy Ray Cyrus' thought-provoking ballad (Country Rebel), "Goddess of Democracy," surpasses one million views on YouTube and continues to pick up steam with version two featuring Tyler Hilton. It's a monumental feat in the streaming and digital media era for Cyrus, who's sold more than 20 million worldwide and still holds the record for having the No. 1 album for 17 weeks on the all-genre Billboard album chart. Cyrus' latest accomplishment with "Goddess of Democracy" coincided with his activism to get Native American voters ID cards and raise awareness about the importance of democracy.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Talks Democracy on ABC News’ The Briefing Room and CNN’S HLN On the Story

Billy Ray Cyrus is celebrating democracy with national television appearances on ABC News' "The Briefing Room" and CNN's HLN "On the Story" as he discusses his passion to get out the vote, and make sure Native Americans have tribal IDs. Cyrus also opened up about his global hit, "Goddess of Democracy," including a new version he recently released with Tyler Hilton.

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Billy Ray Cyrus SiriusXM Special Premieres On Prime Country, Channel 58 Wednesday, Oct. 31

Leading up to Election Day, Billy Ray Cyrus will be heard every day on SiriusXM's Prime Country Ch. 58 as he delivers a dynamic LIVE performance of his iconic songs as well as his new, global hit "Goddess of Democracy." The audience donned Statue of Liberty crowns and clown noses in celebration of "Goddess of Democracy" single art on this Halloween. Recorded at the SiriusXM Music City Theatre in Nashville, the special is hosted by Storme Warren and premieres Wednesday, Oct. 31 on Prime Country, Channel 58 at 12 p.m. ET.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Rocks Stand-N-Vote Concert in North Dakota to Urge Native American Voting

Following through with his promise to stand up and help get out the Native vote, Billy Ray Cyrus performed for a packed house at Turtle Mountain Tribal Community College Sunday night. Actor Mark Ruffalo and native entertainers joined Cyrus while tribal council staff provided four machines on site to make new identification cards for those who did not have street addresses on their IDs. Overall, officials said more than 2,000 new voters are registered in this election.

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